Happy Halloweeeeen!

‘Tis my favorite holiday! Thanksgiving and Christmas are tied for a very very close second though. It was cool this morning, and beautiful out so I’m hoping it stays that way. Nothing better to beat down a good holiday like a storm.

I’m saddened by the fact that I was unable to locate any Shipyard Pumpkinhead beer. Our ABC stores were all sold out. According to my father, Fresh Market recently got their shipments in but when I think about going all the way out there, I feel guilty for purchasing a case of beer just for myself. I may never drink all of it. I wish I could buy induvidual bottles.

Karen, this one is for you: To the man in my office: You know, as much as I love hearing about UC Davis, I’d really appreciate it if you left my office now. kthxbye.

I just went to get some hot green tea and it is yummy for my tummy. I’m in a tea kind of mood today, instead of coffee. I think tea is generally healthier for you.

Obviously, there’s not a lot going on right now and hence, a boring post. But her’s a picture of the pumpkin I carved last night. He’s cool!


Mondays happen more often

Or so it seems that way. I’m feeling sort of tired, even though I got up at 6:15 wide awake and made msyelf some oatmeal. I just knew it would be better than going back to sleep for all of 10 minutes.

Since it was actually 6:15 when I left – as in, when we aren’t doing stupid Daylight Savings – it was quite cold outside. I wish we were like Arizona or Hawaii: smart enough to not participate in Daylight Savings.

My weekend was eventful and tiring. I wouldn’t go so far as to say “fun”, but that’s because I haven’t gottten good enough at biking yet to look forward to the rides. On Friday night Ash accompanied me to the department Halloween party. No pics: I wasn’t that fond of my costume. But it was a good time nevertheless. Woke up feeling horrible the next morning: sick to my stomach but not hungover because I only had two glasses of wine. It was weird. Anyway, Ash and I got out around noon and biked about four miles to On the Border for lunch. Then we went a longer way back to Sports Authority where I found some 10 dollar exercise pants and we bought a bag for carrying crap we buy while on the bikes. We hit up Best Buy next (I purchased Batman Begins) and then we finally headed home. It was almost four PM by this time. We went to Longhorn for dinner and then to see The Departed. It was pretty good, even though I wasn’t all that pumped to see it.

On Sunday, Ash convinced me to ride to the sports bar where we always go to watch football. It was five miles. But of course, it was all uphill. Most of our ride are; there’s no avoiding it in Tallahassee. So we probably went between twenty and twenty-five miles total this weekend. My legs are slightly sore but it’s not so bad. I know it’s better for me in general. It really makes you feel good about everything.

So far, I don’t seen any work to be done so I may spend my time writing or preparing for class, or maybe even studying French. But for now, it’s site surfing time. Happy Monday!

I love making lists

Yay for Friday! Yay for payday! Not yay for stormy weather. Not yay for slow workdays. But at least we’re balanced with the good and bad today. Again, I acquired a rye-pumpernickel bagel but I went with coffee this morning too. At about 3 AM, Todd barked at something he heard and then Iggy started in with the boofs (he doesn’t real bark – sounds more like a French dog saying the word boeuf or ox.) So, when Ash and I awoke this morning, we were both quite sleepy. I think I fell asleep on the couch for about ten minutes while reading this book and then I stayed awake because an ER episode I hadn’t seen came on. And it was a holy s@#!$% kind of episode too, by the way.

The weekend might be a good one; there’s the English department Halloween party tonight. Tomorrow, Ash and I plan to ride a lot, put up bike hooks in the garage, hang a picture in the living room, and do some general cleaning. Then there’s football on Sunday. We’re inching ever closer to more Fall weather, our Jaguars game, and FSU homecoming, which is when my parents are coming up. Wee! I get to show off my new car, drive them around.

On a completely unrelated note: my sister and I were diappointed with this
list of the top 100 sexiest men, so we started making our own. I know, it’s completely self-indulgent but it took up a good portion of my afternoon. Anyway, we got to about 80 and have to struggle to hit 100. But if you have suggestions – these can come from men and women readers alike – then please, by all means, we could use the help. I’ll try to publish our completed list after some editing.

I’m off to see what work there is to be done.

the way-back machine + Lost

I only watched Lost season one. I have gotten out of the habit of watching series because I can never force myself – or care enough – to watch the same show at the same time every week. But I just wanted to point out that Sawyer – Josh Holloway – was the purse thief in the 1993 Aerosmith video “Cryin'” And I remember being 14 and thinking that guy was hott. Wow. How things do come back around.

Sun? Where are you?

Early morning mind-boggle: why, when I type “Bale + Batman” into Google images, does a picture of Coby Jack Cheese from the Kraft website show up?

Been here almost 2 hours already so that’s a good sign. There’s a book far at 11:30, which means free food and a bit more hanging out. Oh yeah, and free books. There’s no French today so the plan is to leave when I normally would for class and go put together my Halloween costume. Hopefully, I can get it exactly how I want and pictures will follow.

Kind of crappy out today; rainy, cold, nothing going on at all in the department. I’m wasting away the time listening to my ipod. It’s not Friday or have I ever done the Friday Random Ten on this new blog but I think I’ll give you a sampling of my random play, just for fun.

  1. Maynard’s Dick – Tool
  2. The Long Run – The Eagles
  3. Black Horse & Cherry Tree – K.T. Tunstall
  4. I Adore, Mi Amore – Color Me Badd
  5. Punk Rawk Show – MXPX
  6.  Sweet Transvestite – Rocky Horror Picture Show
  7. You – Candlebox
  8. Young and Depressed – MXPX
  9. Rocky Raccoon – The Beatles
  10. Sunday Kind of Love – Etta James

Kind of an eclectic bunch of stuff there. I only have about 200 songs on there right now because when I got this new one, I didn’t bother reallymaking playlists or anything.  But soon I shall.

Happy Thursday, y’all.

Something literary

Recently, some people who haven’t been involved with me in relation to school, have wanted to read my writing. I am not quick to let anyone read my fiction or non -, but my poetry, well, I am ok sharing a few. So I thought I’d post one of my favorite poems here. And I apologize for the disclaimer but it’s just a thing. (Don’t be an asshole – don’t steal this work. It isn’t yours) [also, sorry for the big-ass double spacing]

Nomad Dreams



We are nomads, wanderers, jockeying camels

across sand blown dunes, our brightly dyed

robes flopping around the Bactrian’s haunches,

stirring up cultures of yogurt in our gourd saddlebags.


We are not royalty, oh no, far from it.

Yet I obey the rules of the ninth lunar month,

eating only oranges, small red beans, sugar and bream


If indeed we were nomads an orange glow sun would dip

below the mirage of horizon as we tie up at the Khara-hot

bazaar to buy a goat and trade hides for food.


We would yearn to settle our tent city, set down stakes of permanence

and make Ulaanbaatar steadfast. Here in the land of the blue sky, Mongolia, we

are the astronomers, the star warriors of the dunes. We are the thinkers, free

to roam the steppe and the wastelands, ever searching for the perfect

piece of land to lay the first stone of foundation.

obligatory morning post

Hump day. Do you ever really think of the week as looking like a bell curve, with Wednesday being the highest point? I feel like mercredi is more like at the 3/4 point, with Thursday and Friday at the highest, Saturday at a slight decline then crappy Sunday. And then, of course, Lunedi is the lowest point, the ultimate slump – the day you trudge hopelessly to your job and try to ignore the headache and the sleepiness.

I’m listening to my Pandora station that has a lot of punk and hard rock on it; right now: Lagwagon. Before: Strung Out. What a way to start the day. Throw in a pumpernickel-rye bagel and a vanilla frappucino and I am feeling like I can conquer the day. It’s going to be a long one but I shall make it. At lunch I have to run errands so that may take up a lot of time.

Well, happy hump day everyone.

To you I ask…

Stomach rumbles, eyes ache. Must be mid-day. Been here four hours, four more to go until class. It has warmed up to 68 but that’s still nice. A colleague upstairs just posed this question to me:

“Would it be better to be able to go back in time and change things or better to be able to see in the future?”

What do you think?