Begin the countdown

*Note: I wrote this entry at work yesterday but got sidetracked and shut down my computer before publishing. Real smart.

Not much longer now until I head out. I’m probably going to leave at 3 – I only took a half hour lunch anyway. Nothing going on at work… at all. But I am super glad it is Friday. We might climb tonight but I’d be down to just hang out in our PJs, watch a movie, or maybe play some Magic. It wasn’t a particulalry busy week but it felt long.

My parents might be coming up sometime in October. I think we nixed the FSU game idea simply because all the seats that are left are corner end zone – ick. But they might come up just because. Or they might go to Magfest. In that case, they’d stay at our place anyway. It would be cool for them to come right before Halloween, since I’ll have all my decorations up. I might cheat a day and put up stuff tomorrow, even though my rule – to myself – is to start on October 1.

 9/30/06 – As an added note, I went to the Party Superstore and got halloween stuf!

Ring ring, Tokyo?

I don’t want to say too much but I just had a weird experience. Apparently someone in the dept. is in Japan on conference and he’s missing. I don’t know the details but it seems serious. Creepy. I shared and office with this guy too.

I’ve officially been staring at the computer too long; my eyes are blurry and my head is going to explode. Brain matter grey anyone?

It’s still 69 (hee hee) out and there’s a breeze about 7 mph. How beautiful! And if I think about it this way: I have been here about 3.5 hours. I have about 4 to go. Not so bad, considering one will be spent eating and not at my desk.

Ash’s flag football game ended last night at about 7:30 and he decided we needed to hit the gym. I felt so good about those 400 calories gone, burned into oblivion. I kicked my ass too. But it was really worth it. We treated ourselves to Boston Market afterwards and that made the night complete. Well, with a little together time, it was nearly perfect.

I am craving a corndog. One of our freind’s kids was chewing on one last night (I say chewing because she took about 1.5 bites but just sort of flung it around the entire game) and it just looked tasty. There’s a place down the road a piece named Dog et Al, which serves really humongous corndogs. And the North FLorida Fair serves some awesome buttermilk batter dipped ones. Mmmm, I need a corndog, bad!

Anyway, doesn’t look like anyone’s around today. I hope you are out enjoying nice weather, unlike myself.


Such an original title! I’m really feeling that creativity today. Anyway, cool again this morning. I hope the whole weekend is like this. I can tell this entry is going to be disjointed; my brain is pretty mushy today. (Bear with me, oh patient reader) So yeah, random thoughts. MyAutumn things I ordered were supposed to come yesterday; they didn’t. :( There’s a scent of wood burning on the air and it’s filling my office with sweet Fall goodness. ::sniff:: I am looking forward to Sunday – I get to wear my Brian Urlacher jersey and it looks cute on me. But I think I just lost all respect for that player because I read that he was “romantically linked” to Paris Hilton. Brian, come on! You can do so much better than that whore! As long as you keep getting solo tackles and a few sacks, I’ll still like you.

My head felt like it was being squished in a vice this morning. I could barely wake up. It was as if I had taken Nyquil or something and was still in that medicinal stupor. But after breakfast and doing some actual work, I am aware of my surroundings now at least.  I am glad, however, that it is already 9. That is a good sign.

This entry isn’t going anywhere – I geuss I’m just going to be dull today. So if you can, talk to me in comments – it might pass the time quicker

yes you are, don’t lie

You know in the John Waites song “I ain’t missing you”, how he says he isn’t missing (her)? I think that’s a lie. I mean, I’m sure I’m not the first person to say this but it’s definitely the kind of statement where he wants to appear like he’s not hurting inside for (her), but come on, we all know: his heart aches.

Learn you something

IMDB daily

There’s a few interesting things on there: note the “Screech” tape and George’s newest old flame.

MMM, cheese

Those crazy Brits

Cool again this morning and I am feeling sort of tired. Again, the “system” is down so things related to my job cannot be completed. I should be using this time to write. I have felt like writing poetry but I just don’t do it. I don’t know what is blocking me but nothing comes out when I sit to compose. Sigh.

Happy Thursday and pay (night). I’m going to browse the web before the little devil on my shoulder gets the best of me and I head to the store for a coffee.


Paging Doctor Smith

I forgot – in the period of time I went without insurance – how difficult it is to schedule doctors’ appointments and, in general, deal with the medical field. I recently went back to a doctor I last saw in 2004. I had to switch GPs because my old one did not take my current insurance. I don’t even need to see the regular doctor – I need to see the OBGYN. Either way, I just managed to get an appointment; they claimed that the new GP was not taking new patients. Even though I am not new since I have been there before I just went on hiatus. Luckily, I have the appointment and all is good.

The wind is blowing into my office as it tends to do in these late afternoons. It is quite relaxing right now. Which is why I am choosing not to call this one lady back. She wrote a book and wants a grad student to edit it. I can barely understand her accent (a) and her phone is all staticky (b). I have a headache (c) so struggling through a conversation would only make it worse. I’ll call her in the morning.


There is a church on the corner of Capital Circle and Mahan Drive that has a pumpkin patch every year. Ash and I bought from there about 5 years ago and it’s the honor system: how much do YOU think that’s worth? I couldn’t cheat the church so I got a big ol’ pun’kin for 20 bucks. But anyway, this cool weather is making me want to go to the patch, just to walk around. Another church does a better one (see Vine Pumpkin Patch pics, my photo album) but it isn’t up yet. I am seriously considering taking a 2 hour lunch and just driving around because it’s so beautiful today.

ETA: Some things I would love to buy:

Cool pumpkin stand

I already have a cemetary I put together but this is so convenient.

P.S. I got a pomegranite frappucino and a slice of pumpkin bread. Wow, it was good.

Sone of Edit: My office is a mess! I know what I’ll be doing this afternoon.

It was one of those mornings

First and foremost, I didn’t like a single piece of clothing I put on. I didn’t even feel fat or anything; I just wasn’t satisfied. I was running late. I forgot to buy yougurt to make my smoothie so I used milk. Eh. I had a crapload of stuff to carry. Ash told me that your day is what you make it. So on the car ride to school, I started feeling better. Then I got to my office.

Apprently, my water bottle was not shut all the way and my french folder, pens, debit card and ipod were all floating in a puddle at the bottom of my bag. A big puddle. My bag managed not to leak – because it’s industrial or something – but my ipod, I am afraid, is dead. I was planning on getting a new one with my replacement plan soon anyway but now it’s legitimate. What makes this really stupid is that I haven’t brought my ipod in some time. I thought today I could walk during my lunch break and listen to music. I even put a bunch of songs on it. So instead, I may spend my lunch replacing my little nano.

I have done some work today. There’s an on-going project of looking up the English and Language Chairs for over 500 schools across the country. I’m helping someone do this but it is tedious and makes me realize how many crappy little schools with crappy little websites exist out there. So not user friendly either.

It’s only almost 11 but I am going to eat my sandwich – I really need something to make this day better.

Get you some education

Banned books

Sometimes I remember the little things that just anger me so deeply; this is one of them – the list of challeneged/banned books. These are from the classics list but every year there are new ones. When I was young, I lived in the library. I read everything I could and none of this so-called “controversial” stuff ever affected me to the point where I turned bad. I mean, just because Holden Caufield finds the F word scribbled on a bench does mean I’m going to turn deviant. Does it? I mean, who is that easily moldable? Really now…

It’s the Christian Conservatives, those weird Family groups where families = one man and one woman, and other nazi-like foundations that are narrowing our horizons. If the children of tomorrow don’t read this stuff now, when they get out into the real world, they’re going to seriously encounter some issues. I’m talking serious shock when they’re 21 and first hear the F word or find out what racism is and its history. If we don’t let them read this stuff and learn about our Country’s history, then what are we doing but inhibiting their growth and education?

Thank you. Now go vote for your favorite banned book and tell them why. Vote or die