Last post of the workday

Now that comments are fixed, I feel much better about, well, everything. As sad as that is.

I went to French and the air was apparently broken in that building, which, coincidentally, is the Francis Eppes building. The Eppes family is well-known on the FSU campus. I personally know a couple members of the family. ANYway, since it was unbearable in class, she let us go early. But I am really pumped about French. I mean, a lot of this is coming back to me from high school so I’m excited that I might – finally – pass this damned language. I mean, I am stoked!

I hit the jackpot for Viggo pics so you get another little diversion. Just for fun becuase I like pics. And because I am bored and so ready to go home. 20 minutes, everybody. Yay!

And another little shout out to my friend Joel, whose car just got a flat tire. Oh no, poor Joe, he has no… car.

And… yumminess.


Would it be stupid of me to think that my comments won’t post at work, even though they do at home? I doubt this myself only because WordPress comments were working fine until yesterday. This perplexes me. And annoys me. ::Smacks computer, apologizes, pets computer::
The day is going well so far. I have passed the time surfing the web, talking to friends/co-workers/students, and I am soon going to trek to the University Center to deliver my employee tuition scholarship form.

Part of my morning diversion has been picture surfing, which I get into every so often as I go through phases of interest with people, places, and things. This week I have brought my *slight* obsession with LOTR to the surface. So I provide a bit of eye candy for you, well, for anyone who cares anyway. (i.e. the ladies who love him).



Personally, I think he’s an underrated actor and EVERYone just associates him with Aragorn. Granted, I also think he was the best choice for the character. (His elvish is so cute.) But he’s done some other pretty good movies. A History of Violence was definitely interesting, as it was the last movie of his I saw. Hidalgo is one you have to get into a bit but I do own it. His char in G.I.Jane is awesome, as the bad-ass master chief. Not so much into the moustache but the short shorts make me laugh every time. I didn’t mean to go on a little movie review rant there but I got carried away. I leave you now, to make the long haul across campus in the Tallahassee August sun.

Amin autien rath

That’s “I’m going to bed” in Elvish. Yes, I am a dork, in case you were wondering.

It looks as if the comment issue has been resolved; I’m not sure what was going on.

To be honest, I don’t like falling asleep on the couch anymore. I used to really enjoy it when I was living with more people. I felt sort of safe knowing everyone was going about their business through the evening as I slumbered. But I just dozed off while watching Two Towers and when I awoke, I felt awful. My neck ached and I had a headache, which had come off and on all day but this definitely worsened it.

I went non-stop all day. Work to dentist, back to work, to teaching to home for 15 minutes, to the rock gym and finally home at 8. I didn’t much feel like eating so I made some popcorn. I maybe ate 1/3 of the bag before I just felt sick of that taste. But then I threw on Two Towers and all was well. I still think I like this one the best, then Return of the King and then Fellowship. But really, they are all good. If for nothing else, you must watch Two Towers for the big door scene. Because it’s just that awesome.

I think I’ll head to bed now. Tomorrow shouldn’t be quite as long, although I do have to run to the University center and to the clinic on my lunch break. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll pick up some food somewhere in all my work.

The system is down

For some reason, my site is not posting my comment replies. In fact, it’s going rather slow all in all. So if you comment and I don’t respond, well you know why. (But Jordan, I did want to say hi and welcome to my new site. I’m trying to get all the Xanga peeps over)
Today has been much better than yesterday. Even though I had to drop 50 bucks at the dentist for him to poke my tooth and say, yes, you must have it removed. He even offered to do it right then and there but you know, I don’t have an extra 150 dollars and a free 24 hours lying around, do you? So I scheduled it for October 9th, thinking we had Columbus day off. Oh wait, that’s the one holiday FSU doesn’t give us. Oh well. I’ll take the day and give my kids an online assignment. I’m not talking; I swear to the lord above I will not speak because I did it a year ago when my other tooth was pulled and I got dry socket which is something not even I would wish on my mortal enemy. So there.

The puppies don’t get a lot of out of crate time today. I went home for about 45 minutes after the dentist but when I finish teaching – at about 6 – I am going home to feed them and then I am headed back out to the rock gym. Gotta stay busy. So I’ll try to give them a walk later tonight.
I might watch Two Towers tonight. I watched Fellowship of the Ring last night. I don’t know why I felt the needs to revitalize Lord of the Rings. But hey, you can never get enough of a really good, well-made movie. And I can never get enough Viggo. Ever.

I teach in roughly 25 minutes. I think my class is going to be good this semester. A bunch of them seem really outgoing. I hope we can have some really good discussions this term. When I taught one section in my second semester, long ago, we had a great time. This class kind of reminds me of them.

Anyway, I’m going to wrap up some emails and get on to class. I’m pretty stoked about it!

Well, crap

Do you ever have days where it seems you can’t untwist your tongue or stop stepping all over yourself? Yesterday, I screwed up just about everything I did. I said stupid things, I failed to proofread emails, and I made myself look like a complete and utter fool. I don’t know what came over me, but it was horrrible. I went home and sat on the couch for a long time. I hid from the world. It didn’t make me feel any better. I didn’t even eat dinner. Maybe I worry too much but in a new job and one that has a lot of responsibilities, I can’t afford to screw up like that. And to think, my first post of the morning yesterday was all cheerful and positive. Where the hell did that go to? Come back, happy day! Come back…

Rug = pulled out from under

Ash calls me at ten and informs me that he’ll have to leave at three. He works for the state – and the bridge dept. at that – and they need him to go along with some guys who are tracking hurricane Ernesto. Because he knows how to use the computer equipment. At first, I was angry. What kind of notice is that? He’s got five hours to get ready, tell his wife good-bye and head out? In my mind, that is quite unfair, but, as my mother always told me, life is not fair. But I’m still not happy about it. If this interferes with the weekend plans – as in, if he does not come back Thursday, I’m going to be quite unhappy. We’ve had these plans forever and I have not seen my grandparents in a long time. When your grandmother is aged and all, you kind of want to see her whenever possible. DOT is not going to ruin that for me. No way.

P.S. I just said something completely stupid in front of students. WTF was I thinking? Where is my brain?!?

Twos-day, baby

Good morning, readers! How are we this morning? Me? Oh, I’m ok. I’ve been in my office for a little over an hour now but it only feels like ten minutes. This, my dear friends, is a good sign. Today has been – so far – uneventful. The copier is – knock on wood – working well, I have fixed a few student problems, and the phone has been quiet.

I slept pretty well last night and awoke feeling refreshed, which does not happen often. I attribute this to reading a good book and watching the end of a great movie before bed. The book: Eye of the World, the movie: Pleasantville. I swear that book gets better and better. And that movie is far and away my favorite – that I don’t watch over and over. Which makes it even better because I don’t get sick of it. Now, a movie I could watch time and again and never get sick of: Groundhog Day. Wow, do I ever love that movie. I think I’m the only one who quotes from it and still finds it amusing. Ok ok, that’s not true. Chris, my old roommate, did have a quote from it as his signature for a while. I do recall that now.

I’m hoping that today will go smoothly and when I get home today, I can read and relax and maybe even walk the dogs. Yes, today is a good day.

Note the tags, you’ve been warned

I have the worst friggen’ headache. My legs hurt all up and down because of running and mowing yesterday. I’m hungry for some reason. I wish I had brought The Eye of the World with me. I am really into it now. I can’t believe I am only 350 pages in and still have about 450 to go. And then, there are like, 8 more books in the series. Holy crap. I might be reading forever. I really really really want to go get some ice cream. But I am trying to resist because it pretty much sets me back from the healthy-ness I have been keeping up. But I definitely need some coffee. I teach in exactly two hours. I think it will be an easy day and I can go home and rest a bit. I need it after today.

I hate you, Wikipedia

Dear Wikipedia,

Not only do my students in the research class have no business using you, since you are reader edited and, therefore, apt to error, you also include spoilers without warning. How did I know that when I read the character overviews from Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time that you would tell me things I have not yet read?! I am very disgruntled now to learn of a relationship between two characters. In fact, I’m steaming. Thanks a lot Wikipedia.

No love,


The close of a weekend

The weekend has been busy. Yesterday, post baby shower (in which I dominated the little shower games, by the way) we had the dinner club. We went to El Chico – yum – and then to the Fun Station for a rousing game of Laser Tag. All in all, it was a pretty good day. Today, I got up semi-eary and took the dogs for a run. Every time I run in the neighbourhood I am surprised by my endurance. I can not usually keep up with Ash but I do fairly well when it’s just me. I decided to mow the lawn also before eating a slight bit of lunch. After that though I was overwhelmed by sleep and napped for an hour or so. I just finished cleaning the kitchen after baking cookies and making spaghetti. I made the cookies for the English office to help the first day of school go smoothly. It is tomorrow.

I have a lot of things to do and take care of this week and I am doing very well to keep myself from spazzing out. There’s a graduation hold on my registration so I need to call them. I also need to turn in the form so the State will pay for my class. There will be many people in my office with issues tomorrow. I teach at 5:15. My wisdom tooth is hurting and I may need to go into the dentist and have them evaluate whether or not I should have it pulled. There’s a hurricane coming and I am sincerely hoping it turns and goes away from Florida. I do not want to miss my Labor Day weekend plans. That was a lot of short random sentences in one paragraph. But that’s what’s on my plate this week. What’s on yours?